My Research Journals

MyResearchJournals is a collection of Interdisciplinary Peer Reviewed Research Journals.

It supports academic institutes in selection of appropriate content and also supports them in publishing their content as per International Standard moreover it supports in Generating Revenue.

We also provide technological support to make content available to users in a convenient and easy way.

MyResearchJournals is an initiative of MRI Publications Pvt Ltd. to provides end to end publishing services to associate publishers. Our Services covers:

Pre Publishing Services:

  1. Online Submission and Review Platform
  2. Composing and Printing
  3. Plagiarism Tool
  4. DOI Support
  5. ISSN and RNI Support

Post Publishing Services:

  1. Marketing and Promotion
  2. Distribution
  3. Members Section
  4. Indexing Support

Subscription Policy:

A.      Usage Based DDR Model:

No more negotiations and worries for increasing cost of Journals. No worries for usage and ROI. MRI introduces Usage Based Subscription model with “Unique Download” and “Per Download” options.

B.      Print Version

Print Subscriptions follows Rolling year policy means issues published after the date of order shall be dispatched subject to the maximum of no if issues defined to be published in a respective journals volume.  

C.      Online Version

Online Subscriptions follows Rolling year policy and covers all available back files.

D.      Print with Online Version

P+O version also follows rolling year policy as defined above in case of Print / Online versions