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An Empirical Analysis of Repulsive Buying Behaviour

Satinder Kumar


This study endeavours to access repulsive buying behaviour and various variables impacting revolting response of consumer towards aptly marketed product. 292 respondents were analysed from Amritsar and Ludhiana in North India and results were drawn using structural equation modelling, which manifests latent variables i.e. psychological factor, usage of product, lifestyle and opinion and product. Better understanding of repulsive buying behaviour has positive contribution to country’s economic state and also towards quality of product and services. In the recent year’s consumers are showing revulsion in buying pattern. Repulsive buying behaviour in consumers is repugnance for product i.e. a strong feeling of distaste for products. The product is repelled by consumer if it doesn’t match the social status of consumer; celebrity endorsing the product is not followed or admired by consumer. Besides, various unresolved issues and complaints of customers also deteriorate the image of marketer. When the product is overloaded with wasteful features or is against the culture and religion of consumer or not according to planning of consumer then it is not entertained by consumer. In situations when customer has faced dissatisfaction, by usage of product or has no knowledge about the usage then also the consumer turns off from the product.


Repulsive Buying Behaviour, Repulsion Effect, Brand, Distaste, Lifestyle, Etc.

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