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Green Practices, Standards and Conformity Issues in the Indian Food Processing Industry

S. B. Azhar , F. M. Khan, A. S. Gupta


The food processing industry of India is significantly affected by the substandard quality issues. Insufficient focus on safety and quality standards has affected export of processed food products and also resulted in low competitive advantage in the global market. Even in the domestic market due to increased awareness, people demand secure, non-toxic and pesticide-free products. The paper reviews literature related to food standards and aims to comprehend food safety regulations existing in India along with the present state of preparedness of the food industry to comply with the international standards. The policy measures to be undertaken to this effect are also examined. Promotional activities like credible labelling and certifications are essential to popularize the safety attribute of processed food products and up-gradation of Agmark standards to Codex Alimentarius requirements by the Indian government are necessary to ensure high quality of food products. One of the main precautionary methods for food safety concern is effective implantation of traceability. In order to improve food traceability system and increase the business performance of food industry, management should focus on regulatory framework, food safety, food quality, and certification. The suggestions presented if implemented efficiently would assist in growth of the Indian agro industry, both at the domestic and global level.


Food Processing, Agmark standards, Labelling and certifications

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