A Short Life Cycle Product Model using System Dynamic Modelling Approach

Ravindra Trivedi, A.K. Bajpai


The work is focused on the study of behavior of Customer, Production and Sales in a supply
chain related to short life-cycle products that are goods produced and sold for a limited period of
time like fashion goods, electronic devices, particular foodstuffs, health care service, and special
offered goods on the occasion of festivals and other occasions like cricket world cup etc. Currently
in the following study the data in the simulation model are assumed, but the real company data
should be available, properly modified for the validation of the study. A System Dynamics model
has been implemented using one of the most known System Dynamics commercial software:
Powersim Studio, because of its flexibility and completeness, integration with databases,
external files and ERP systems. The aim of the simulation is to identify and focus on the
criticalities about the behavior of Customer, Production and Sales along the supply chain in
order to minimize the total costs and maximizing the company profits. What If analyses have
been carried out in order to show which is the best policy to adopt in terms of safety stock or
demand planning and to maximize the total profit.

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