Physical properties of chilli growing soils of Khammam district



Fifteen profiles from the chilli growing areas of the district were chosen for the study. Soil
samples were collected horizon-wise and analysed for physical properties. The soil texture
varied from sandy loam to clay loam in surface horizons and sandy clay loam to clay loam to
clay in sub-surface horizons. Bulk density and particle density of soils varied from 1.37 to 1.66
and 2.44 to 2.60 Mg m-3, respectively, the per cent aggregates greater than 0.25 mm and per
cent aggregate stability ranged from 61.50 to 76.90, 48.40 to 64.60, respectively, hydraulic
conductivity of the soils ranged from 0.08 cm hr-1 to 16.26 cm hr-1, the infiltration was moderately
rapid to moderately slow and slow, the water retention at 33 and 1500 K Pa was low, the
available water content ranged from 4.21 per cent to 13.62 per cent and the available water
storage capacity (cm m-1) was low, medium to high.


Horizon-wise, Physical properties

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