Effects of some primary and micronutrients on yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under Terai situation of West Bengal (India)



An experiment was conducted with rice (cv. GOTRA BIDHAN - 1) in soils of Terai alluvial
situation of West Bengal during the Rabi season of 2009-2010 to find out the effect of some
primary (N-P-K) and micro (Zn-B) nutrients along with organic matter on the variability of
yield of rice. The treatments were based on the soil-test based fertilizer recommendation . The
average grain and straw yield of rice varied from 2.28 to 4.31 t ha-1 and 3.12 to 4.67 t ha-1,
respectively. Maximum grain yield of rice was obtained at the optimum application of the
given nutrients. Omission of nutrients from the optimum, caused yield losses from 9.9 to 47.1
per cent. The yield data also revealed that N-P-K-Zn and B were the main limiting factors
under the present experimental set-up. The results suggested the need for applying the given
nutrients at optimumlevels for the successful yield maximization programme.


Rice, Nutrients, Optimum levels, Yield maximisation

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