Synthesis of CNPs from beetroots and carrot Pomaces and Application in reduction of Color from waste water

Ajay Singh, Harkamal Preet Kaur, Naveen Chandra Joshi, Waseem Ahmad


Food sector produces million tons of waste. Out of which some is discarded as animal feed, as fertilizer or mostly treated as waste which further creates environmental hazards. The present study was done to utilize the waste pomace from vegetables – carrot and beetroot after juice extraction in the formation of Cellulose Nano Particles (CNPs). Pomaces of carrot and beetroot were treated with alkali treatment and bleaching treatment separately.So formed CNPs have shown good adsorption behavior and have shown good reduction in polluting parameters , specially colour was reduced upto 80 % in waste water.


Cellulose nanoparticles, Green synthesis, Nano composite, Carrot.

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