Knowledge About The Mental Health and Mental Illness Among Adolescents

ManjuBala Dash, Gayathri S, Baby Rathinasabapathy, A Felicia Chitra Felicia, S Jayanthi


Background: People who fail to fulfill their roles and carryout responsibilities or whose behavior is inappropriate to the situation are viewed as Mental Illnesses.About 450 million people suffer from mental of behavioural disorders worldwide today, it was said that mental health problems are more common in developed world than developing world. Aim:This study was aimed to assess the knowledge about mental health and mental illness among Adolescents population. Methodology:A Quantitative Descriptive research design was used. 30 Adolescents were selected by using Purposive sampling technique who fulfilled the inclusion criteria and who were available during the period of data collection at selected Lawspetarea , Puducherry. Data was collected by using Self Structured Questionnaire. Results:It represents the Level of Knowledge among 14(46.7%) of them comes under Moderate Knowledge, 10 (33.3%) of them comes under Adequate Knowledge and 6(20%) of them comes under Inadequate Knowledge. Conclusion: The study conducted among 30 Adolescents. It reveals the significant with demographic variables such as staying in status at the level of knowledge. Majority of Adolescents have moderate knowledge. We provide opportunities for adolescents to gain knowledge regarding mental health and mental illness.


Knowledge, Adolescents, Mental Health, Mental Illness.

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