Effect of personal variables on thinking skills of institutionalized adolescents: An exploratory investigation

Anita Anita, Krishna Duhan, Varsha Saini


The present study was conducted in Delhi and Haryana state. From Delhi, SOS (Save
our Soul) village of Bawana and from Haryana, SOS village of Faridabad was selected
purposively. The objective of the study was to assess the impact of personal variables
on thinking skills of institutionalized adolescents. Separate lists of boys and girls in
the age range of 13-19 years were prepared from both the SOS villages. Total of 200
adolescents (100 from SOS village Bawana and 100 from SOS village Faridabad)
constituted the sample for the study to assess the existing thinking skills. From SOS
village Bawana, 100 adolescents equally representing both the sexes i.e. 50 girls and
50 boys were selected on random basis. Same procedure was followed for SOS village
Faridabad. The results revealed that age, gender and relationship with peers were
significantly associated with thinking skills. Both boys and girls belonged to average
category followed by below average category in thinking skills.


Institutionalized adolescents, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Decision making skills, Problem solving skills, Personal variable


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