Problems faced by members and non-members of Dairy Co-operatives in adoption of improved management practices in district Saharanpur of U.P.

Yogendra Kumar, Gajendra Kumar


The present study was made to sort out the problems related to breeding, feeding,
veterinary care, marketing and financial management practices faced by the members
and non-members of dairy co-operatives of weaker sections communities and to
suggest suitable measures to overcome these problems in Saharanpur district of U.P.
in the year 2008-09. The data were collected from 75 members and 75 non-members
of dairy co-operatives of weaker sections families (small, marginal farmers and landless
labourers) through interview schedule. The major problems reported by members and
non-members of dairy co-operatives were related to breeding i.e. lack of availability
of improved breed, distance location of artificial insemination centre and another
problem was related to feeding i.e. lack of knowledge about balanced feeding, nonavailability
of green fodder throughout the year, the other problem was related to
veterinary care i.e. distant location of veterinary hospitals, no knowledge about
vaccination schedule and another problem related to marketing and finance i.e. lack
of finance for working capital and low price of milk and lack of marketing facilities in
the village were perceived as the most serious problems faced by members and nonmembers
of dairy co-operatives. The non-members of dairy co-operatives face major
problems with high severity in comparison to members of dairy co-operatives. Thus,
there is a need to remove these problems to increase dairy business through weaker
sections families to raise their income.


Members, Problems, Breeding, Nonmembers, Feeding, Management practices


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