Factors associated with the plight of elderly

Leena Kumar, Seema Dey


In human life, the second stage is very critical period and needs a lot of adjustment.
For comfortable and constructive role of old age, modern society is more concerned
about the problems of retirement and aging. The elderly should realize that aging
period is a development with its particular tasks such as keeping in touch with children,
role of grandparents, engaged in certain activities and making close relations with
ones mate. Everything is achieved by the persons own effort but the society also has
some duty toward its old people. Earlier old people were unwilling to move to old age
home for institutional care. Their families also were not willing to place their elderly
in old age homes due to cultural norms. But now situation is changing gradually and
for the elderly old age home is becoming more common. The present study was designed
to find out the role played by family, society and factors associated with the plight of
old age people. A sample of 200 senior citizens (above 60), 100 from old age homes
and 100 from their own homes, were selected. The result shows that the family, society
economical condition, illness, generation gap and selfishness are main factors for the
most pathetic situation of old age people in India.


Elderly, Association, Factors, Plight


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