Problems and issue faced by working women in Amreli city

Jiju Vyas, Hemangi D. Mehta, Neha Tiwari


The financial demands on the Indian families are becoming rise day by day working
women in India are faced with lot more challenges that their counterparts in the other
part of the world. The sky rocketing cost of living increasing expenses on education
of children increasing cost of housing properties in India force every family in India
to look for ways and means of increasing the house hold income. As a result, women
in India who were mostly known as homemakers are forced to go for jobs and take up
evencareers that were considered and suitable for men such as working in might shifts
in call centers. Indian Society is extremely hierarchical with virtually every one ranked
relative to after according to their caste class wealth and power. This ranking even
exists in areas where it is not openly acknowledged, such as certain business settings.
Though specific customs vary from religion to religion within the country there are
different standards of behavior for men and women that carry over info the work
environment. This paper examines the problems and issue faced by working women
in Amrelicity. The research objective was to know the knowledge about the problem
and challenge faced by urban working women in the workplace, farther the study also
aims also at finding out the organizational support for women employers the present
study surveyed only urban women employer. The study was conducted within
Amrelicity. Data was collected from working women of the organized sector using
mix methods approach that included face to face interview and by questionnaire. 60
samples were selected for present study from different areas of city. The result
conducted that different women have different perception of their heads fears,
frustration etc.


Household activities, Working women, Mental harassment, Work place


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