Effect of physical load on workers involved in grape cultivation

Savita Kumari, Manju Mehta


The aim of this study was to find out the effect of physical load on workers involved
in grape cultivation. The research designs comprised on field study conducted on 15
respondents were engaged on grapes cultivation activities. Physical fitness was
determined by calculating the physiological parameters i.e. blood pressure, body
temperature, pulse rate and (VO2 max). Occupational risk was assessed through physical
load parameters viz., Physical load. The results indicated that mean height and weight
of workers involved grape activities was 159.9 cm and 64.2kg, respectively. BMI was
observed as 21.8 kg/m2, fat percentage was worked out to 29.9 per cent, and hence
LBM was 44.1 kg with variation of 19.3kg. VO2 max was found to be 31.8 ml/kg x
min exhibiting that the subjects were having good health. Conclusively there was no
effect of grapes cultivation activities on body temp., pulse pressure of the workers.
On the basis of physical load in the grape cultivation occupational risk was highest in
pruning (178) followed by harvesting activity (153.05) and least was in plant protection
activity (61.5).


Grapes cultivation, Physiological parameters, KIM, Physical load, VO2 max


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