A review on applications of multimedia and e-education technology in smart education

Chanchal Rana, Sunita Mishra


21st century declared to be the age of information and communication technology.
Todays students have been raised in a world of instant access to knowledge and
information, a word of automation, remote controls, and simulation capabilities to
stimulate the mind. This paper is about the much growing technology Multimedia
and e-education. The usage of smart teaching techniques is now more prevalent in
school as well as other colleges and institutes. It was generated back in 1980s and is
growing since then. This new technology helps the students with the benefit of learning
with a different experience. The methods of e-learning make the classroom more
interactive and interesting. It has also created a greater impact on our society as well
as on education system. E-textbook provides electronic textbooks which are actually
used at learners real class. Digital textbook uses the latest smart device and technology.


Smart class, E-Education, Smart education, Multimedia


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