Youth violence: The warning sign for our society

Anshu Shukla


Headlines proclaim that the epidemic of youth violence that began in the early 1980s
is over, but the reality behind this seemingly good news is far more complex and
unsettling. Public health studies show that youth violence is an ongoing, startlingly
pervasive problem. Violence prevention and intervention efforts hinge on identifying
risk and protective factors and determining when in the course of development they
emerge. To be effective, such efforts must be appropriate to a youths stage of
development. Parents remain busy in their professional life, and do not know what
their child is doing in school. In school the effects of joining the wrong group is
obvious on their child. There have been many cases in which a high scoring student
has ended up with below average grades with a mean temperament and foul language.
Keeping all these factors in mind this chapter describes the magnitude of and trends in
violent crime by young people


Youth violence, Warning sign, Public health, Violence prevention


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