Evolution and growth of inland navigation in travancore

P. Anilkumar


Transport plays a vital role in the economic
development by providing access to jobs, education,
leisure travel and other amenities essential for quality of
life. Once the steam power was applied for purposes of
transport, it brought about significant changes first in
the political and social spheres of the western world and
their colonies around the world. Transportation industry
merely undertakes the movement of people and goods
from one place to another but in doing so it has been one
of the most important activities of man in every stage of
human civilization. Transport generates growth by
facilitating trade both nationally internationally and by
increasing access to livelihoods education facilities as
well as local and national amenities.
Anantha Victoria Marthanda varman Canal is
popularly known as AVM Canal. It was running from
Kochi in Kerala to Mandaikadu in Tamil Nadu. In This
canal got this name from the Highness Maharaja of
Travancore Sri Utram Tirunal Marthandavarma and his
most respected British Queen Victoria of England. The
etymological meaning of the term Anantha simply
indicates snake which always used by Padmanabha, the
family deity of the Travancore kings. Even though,
Padmanabha alias Lord Vishnu used the snake as his
sleeping bed (Menon, 1994). It is popularly known as
Anantha Sayanam. Thus the name of AVM Canal
coined from the names of Lord Vishnus favorite reptile
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Anantha, Queen Victoria of England the then Maharaja
of Travancore Sri Utram Tirunal Marthandavarma. The
Travancore government under Sri Utram Tirunal
Marthandavarma had various aims and objectives behind
the construction of AVM Canal. His government should
much emphasis to the material prosperity and welfare of
the people (Report on the Administration of Travancore
1038). It had played a significant role in the socioeconomic,
political and marine history of Travancore.
In that period Kanyakimari district was under the
control of Travancore Kingdom. The Travancore
Government inaugurated its construction work in 1860
with the help of the British Resident and Engineers,
intended to connect two prominent places namely
Trivandrum and Kanyakumari. Unfortunately in 1860
itself Utram Tirunal Marthandavarma died and so in his
place Ayilyam Tirunal ascended the throne of Travancore.
He continued the construction works of his predecessor.
So the construction of AVM Canal also continued
systematically. In 1863 he appointed Barton as the chief
engineer of the PWD in Travancore. It marked the
beginning of a new chapter in the history of PWD in
Travancore (Directorate of Archives, TVM Cover File
No. 16136).
In 1867 the construction work of the AVM Canal,
in the beach between Poovar and Manavalakurichi, south
east of Colachel, was partly finished of this, the portion


Evolution, Growth of inland, Transport, AVM canal


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