An analysis of the marketing effectiveness of the farmers



This research was aimed at assessing the effectiveness of marketing services. The study
was conducted in Faridabad from Haryana, Hapur from Uttar Pradesh and North-West Delhi from Delhi
selected purposively to explore the marketing extension system as they adequately represent the periurban
agriculture. 90 farmers, 30 rice, wheat and tomato grower farmers from each district were selected
to constitute the total sample size. Interview schedule were used in eliciting information from the
farmers. Effectiveness were analysed using indicators specifically marketable surplus, producer share
in consumer prices, middlemen share in consumer prices, marketing cost, marketing margin, price
spread and marketing efficiency using Shepherd’s equation. The study found that marketing cost is
high when more intermediaries are involved in marketing of produce. Producer’s share in consumer’s
price is high when produce is directly sold to consumer by producer. Marketing efficiency of cereals is
high than vegetable crop because of heavy transport and post harvest losses occur in vegetables.


Marketing effectiveness, Price spread, Marketing margin

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