Listeners knowledge and perception on programme broadcasted byKCRS in Dharwad



The study was carried out to examine the Krishi community radio listeners perception
about the farm broadcast and also to learn the impact on knowledge level of the listeners. The modern
farm technologies evolved by scientists has tremendously helped the farmers to increase the farm
production, still the big educated and innovative farmers were able to get the maximum benefits of new
technology. The present study conducted in two villages of Dharwad district which is covered by
KCRS Dharwad. The study revealed that the KCRS listeners were middle aged (30.00%), had about
upto middle school (25.00%), medium extension participation and innovativeness. The listeners 37.50
per cent belonged to most favourale perception, majority felt that programmes were easy to follow and
understand (67.50%) and more interest to listen my voice and neighbors voice in the radio (59.20%),
majority of respondents has total knowledge index score of 68.18 for Jola and a score of 57.57 for maize
was obtained in case of broadcasted dramatized programmes.


Knowledge, Perception


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