Knowledge of the farmers about soil testing techniques and its recommendations in saline sodic track ofVidarbha



The present study was under taken in Akola, Amravati and Buldana district in Vidarbha
region of Maharashtra state. From each selected district one tahsil has been selected purposively
where soil is saline or sodic. The selected tahsils are Akola, Daryapur and Shegaon from Akola, Amravati
and Buldana districts, respectively. From each tahsil four villages were selected randomly and from
each selected village ten farmers were interviewed. Thus, the total 120 respondents were the sample for
this study. The objectives of the study were, to study the personal, socio-economic, situational and
psychological characteristics of the farmers and to study the knowledge of the respondents about the
soil testing techniques and its recommendations in saline sodic track of Vidarbha. The exploratory
research design was used for present study. The findings revealed that majority of the respondents
were in middle age group, educated upto high school level possessed small land holding (1.01-2.00 ha),
having agriculture as main occupation, annual income upto Rs. 50,000, farming experience in between
11 to 20 years, medium level of extension contact, they have followed crop rotation on their field, have
to travel above 45 km distance from their village to reach soil testing laboratory, followed seasonal
cropping pattern, medium level of motivation and low level of innovativeness. Majority of the respondents
having medium knowledge level about soil testing techniques and its recommendations. As regards
the relational analysis, age, land holding, occupation, farming experience, crop rotation, distance from
soil testing lab and cropping pattern was non-significantly corelated with knowledge. Annual income,
extension contact and motivation were significantly correlated with knowledge. Whereas, education
and innovation was highly significant with knowledge.


Soil testing, Knowledge, Extension contact, Socio-economic

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