An assessment of awareness level of school going rural youth towards agriculture



India is a developing nation and the youth constitutes almost more than half (65%) of the
population of the nation. The rapid growth and diversification of developmental activities have resulted
in much needed expansion of employment opportunities, but at the same time have triggered rural to
urban migration. This trend has inadvertently resulted in shift of farm labour to non-farm sectors. In the
present scenario, creating awareness about agriculture among school going rural youth is a dire need.
The present study was conducted to assess the socio-economic status of rural youth, to find out the
awareness level of school going rural youth regarding agriculture and its various aspects and to
analyze the corelation between socio-economic status of rural youth with their awareness about
agriculture. The sample from three villages viz., Kavita, Chikalwas and Thoor consisted of 450 youth
selected from three classes i.e. 7th, 8th and 9th. Standarized tool developed by Aggarwal (2005) was used
to collect data for socio-economic status. Checklist was prepared to find out awareness about agriculture.
Data was analysed by using corelation, frequency and mean and percentage distribution. Results
revealed that there was significant relationship between socio-economic status and agriculture
awareness of rural youth. Majority of the respondents were from low and medium socio-economic
status and had average awareness about agriculture and its various aspects. Proper steps should be
taken at G.Os and N.G.Os level for channelizing youth towards agriculture for its sustainability.


Agriculture, Awareness, Socio-economic status

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