Changes in Aquatic Lives Due to Changes in Environments

  • MOHAMMED ABU-DIEYEH Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences Qatar University, Qatar
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Currently, the world environment is changing more rapidly than at any other time. These changes have immense effects on aquatic life forms, from microscopic plankton to large fish (1). Some of the relevant stressors, amongst many, are temperature, salinity, and water pH, all of which are variables that directly impact living organisms present in the concerned aquatic environments (2). Scientists have found a correlation with physiological, morphological, and molecular changes in living organisms due to environmental fluctuations. In any aquatic ecosystem, photosynthetic primary producers are the basis of other life forms, and it is now established that environmental change has many detrimental effects on these primary producers; thus aquatic ecosystems. For example, increasing temperatures can reduce the productivity, cell size, and overall growth of many aquatic organisms, also a significant cause for coral bleaching (3,4).
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