An Introduction to the Study of Indian Poetics by M.S. Kushwaha and Sanjay Misra, DK Printworld, New Delhi, 2021, pp.168, Rs.325. ISBN 978-81-246-0959-0 (PB)

  • Ragini Ramachandra Associate Editor, The Literary Criterion
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At the very outset the authors deserve to be heartily congratulated upon choosing to write on a topic like this in preference to a plethora of more fashionable and glamorous ones, imported from the west like post-modernism, post-colonialism, structuralism, poststructuralism, post-this and post-that with all their attendant jargon mouthed ad infinitum to the dismay of a true votary of literature who feels lost in a maze of these new-fangled theories formulated for their own sake. That two teachers of English should have come together despite a generational gap to invoke the glorious literary past of India, revive the present-day Indian intellectual's interest in his own Sanskrit heritage and re-connect him with his forgotten roots is a laudable endeavour indeed.