Study of nutritional composition analysis of soya based formulated food products



Formulation means making all possible combinations. Hence, formulation of food products has been done with its varying amount of different food groups in different food products.Formulation of the soya products are made by taking into account the nutritional quality, acceptability and the use of these products as a supplementary foods to the malnourished preschool children. The most traditional and familiar foods in the family and among the children are purposefully selected i.e. soyaladoo, soyachakali and soyachiwada are the most traditional and familiar products in Maharashtra State in particular Kolhapur district, these products are selected for the formulation with soybean, cereal rice flakes and other legume like Bengal gram dal and roasted Bengal gram dal etc. variations are made according to the ingredients required for the preparation of the products. Where as the variations in the procedure in the preparation of products such as roasting and frying, use of sweetening agent, use of flavoring agent, use of coloring agent etc. Their nutrient analysis after storage have not shown any significant change except carbohydrates, energy and B complex vitamins in all soya products.


Soyaladoo, Soyachakali, Soyachiwada

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