Preparation, nutrient density and acceptance of supplemented nutritional beverages



New product development is a gamble as very few new products survive. The process of development of new product is one that involves like developing and implementing. To prevent and control the various chronic disease, supplementation for beverage was done which provide a good supply of vitamins and essential nutrients by incorporating milk, why protein and coconut milk.The value addition by milk, whey protein and coconut milk was done to various beverages and drink. Organoleptic evaluation and sensory evaluation of prepared beverages were done on 10 panel members for the overall acceptability of the beverages. Result showed that all the beverages were well accepted, were most preferred beverages supplemented with milk and coconut milk beverages and were extremely liked by all the panel members. When statistically tested using (ANOVA) apple juice, appy drink, grapes juice, pineapple juice and orange juice show that there was a non- significant difference in characteristics like colour, odour, flavour, texture, appearance and palatability of all three samples was exhibited. Result of nutritive value shows that supplementation increased vitamins and essential nutrient content of prepared beverages, which is present in less amount in original beverages, this supplementation can help to prevent and control the chronic diseases.


Supplementation, Nutrient dense beverages, New product development

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