Impact of soyaflakes chiwada supplementation on nutritent intake of malnourished pre-school children



Protein calories malnutrition, deficiencies of vitamin A, iodine and iron are now a current and global nutritional problems. Supplementaryfeedingprogrammesaretheemergingneedinunder nutritionfor vulnerablesegmentinthepopulation.Additionalfood required to supply nutrients hence, organoleptically high score evaluated soyaflakes chiwada was provided to pre-school malnourished children. The nutritional qualities like moisture (4.1 %), ash (2.4 %), crude fibre (0.8 %), crude protein (21.4 %), iron (5.3 mg), calcium (74.0mg), zinc (2.7mg), ? carotene (235. ug) and B complex vitamins like B1(0.2mg), B2(0.1mg) and B3(2.01mg) were found in soyaflakes chiwada. No significant changes were observed in nutritional qualities of soyaflakes chiwada when it was stored in high gauge package for 1 to 2 months. It is very cheap and affordable to the below poverty line group of children. The soyaflakes chiwada was given @ 50 g/ child/day. Significant improvements in nutrient intake were seen in soyaflakes supplemented group of children. There was high significant change in major, minor and ? carotene.


Soyaflakes chiwada, Nutritional quality, Anthropometric measurement

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