A study on eating habits and food attitude of adolescent girls of Patna (Bihar)



Nutritional needs during adolescence are increased because of the increased growth rate and changes in body composition associated with puberty. The dramatic increase in energy and nutrient requirements coincides with other factors that may affect adolescents food choices and nutrient intake, and thus nutritional status. These factors, including the quest for independence and acceptance by peers, increased mobility, and greater time spent at school or work activities, and preoccupation with self-image, contribute to the erratic and unhealthy eating behaviors that are common during adolescence. This topic discusses characteristic adolescent eating habits, including skipping meals, fast food consumption, and dieting behaviors. The present study was taken up to understand food consumption pattern of 300 adolescent girls of 12 to 18 years age group sampled from selected government colleges and girls schools within the jurisdiction of Patna Municipal area. 82 per cent and 93 per cent girls were found taking regular lunch and dinner, respectively and 38 per cent of the adolescent girls indicated that they skipped morning breakfast and 69 per cent skipped evening snack. Modern trend of consumption behavior among girls is alarming and hence, there is need to make effort to educate girls on the importance of proper food habits and nutritional needs.


Food consumption pattern, Eating habit, Food attitude

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