Study on nutritional evaluation and composition of oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus florida)



The present investigation was conducted to study nutritional composition of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus florida). Standard methods of analysis have been employed to find out the proximate composition and other nutritional parameters of the mushroom. Pleurotus florida was found to contain 91.80 per cent moisture, 27.92 per cent crude protein, 7.82 per cent total ash, 0.72 per cent fat, 11.87 per cent of crude fibre and 47.80 per cent carbohydrates. Total soluble sugars, reducing sugars and non-reducing sugars were 3.01, 0.38 and 2.63 per cent, respectively. Acid detergent fibre and neutral detergent fibre content were 17.82 and 43.22 g/100g, respectively and in vitro protein digestibility was 78.96 per cent. Oyster mushrooms also found to have good amount of total mineral content. As the oyster mushroom found to have good nutritional composition thus can be utilized in preparation of various nutritious recipes for improving the nutrition status of the population of the country. As it has low calorific value and very high content of protein, dietary fibres and minerals, devoid of cholesterol, these make an ideal diet for the heart patients. With very high fibre and alkaline elements, mushrooms are suited to those suffering from hyperacidity and constipation and it is also found to have good protein digestibility.


Oyster mushroom, Nutritional evaluation, Dietary fibre, Proximate composition

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