Contribution of Indian Historical Literature in the Resurgence of the Nation

  • Manisha Dixit Asst Professor, History Dept , Eklavya Vishwavidyalaya , Damoh , Madhya Pradesh, India
Keywords: Nation, Resurrection, Historical Literature


History was our past. There are some such dark pages in it, whose opening leads to self-incrimination, then there are some such pages whose observation makes the mind proud. From the black pages, we learn that we should not repeat those mistakes again, so that our future also becomes a dark past. Rather, we should also know our glorious history in which divinity is the vision of divinity. The sacred purpose of living with pride and allowing others to live while walking in the path of humanity itself is contained. In India, many invaders have crossed the limits of their own dogma. Due to which our true history had disappeared for some time, but today when those pages are being turned, the truth looks a bit different. If more and more of that glorious history is read and contemplated in time, then surely a new dawn will come in the development of every nation. The need is that we should know the true history.
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