A review of the Yama Sukta in the Yajurveda

  • Acharya Devendra Prasad Mishra Shri Lalbahadur Shastri Sanskrit vishwavidyalaya , New delhi , India
Keywords: Yajurveda, Yama Suktam , Pitrimedha ,Amavasya ,Kumbha , Magha


The Yama Sukta is the collection of the Ṛcas of the Yama-deity and is called the Yama Sukta. In this chapter the mantras relating to the Pitramedha are mentioned. Pitramedha is performed in memory of the year of the deceased father. In the memory of the year, in an odd year, the Pitrimedha should be held. It occurs in the constellation of Ekatara and in the constellations Chitra and others on the date of Amavasya in autumn, summer or Magha. The priest who is going to perform the Pitramedha should make a pile of bones in a pot. All the sons and grandsons of the deceased.
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