Grammar and Poetic Pradeya of Bhoja

  • Jyotsana Diwedi .
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Bhoja is the foremost among the Indian knowledge seekers. Bhoj has composed many texts on many subjects. From various texts, commentaries, catalogs and inscriptions of handwritten texts of various scholars, the denominations of many books of Bhoj are available. In which many books are published, but many texts are unavailable. 1. Saraswatikanthabharan (Grammar) 2. Prakrit Grammar. The Saraswatikanthabharan grammar of Bhoja is Ashtadhyayi on the ideal of Panini's Ashtadhyayi. This book, which covers the changes and amendments after Panini, is more accessible and complete than Panini, so many history critics believe that. Regarding Prakrit grammar, experts believe that it is the book of King Bhojdev of Kutch. The name of this is also the food grammar. It is mentioned in verse 4/75 of Chandraprabhusuri's book Prabhakacharitam.
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