Potential Market Countries for Indonesia’s Tourism

  • Addin Maulana The National Research and Innovation Agency of The Republic of Indonesia
  • Rakhman Priyatmoko The National Research and Innovation Agency of The Republic of Indonesia
  • Dini Oktaviyanti Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of The Republic of Indonesia
Keywords: International tourist arrivals, length of stay, tourist spending, travel propensity.


This study aims to describe the potential of a country in terms of tourism demand. This study uses a quantitative descriptive method by normalizing secondary data to identify the size of the market potential of a country. Based on the analysis carried out, two countries fall into the category of very high potential, namely Singapore and Hong Kong, two countries that are classified in the category of high potential, including Malaysia and China, while four countries that fall into the category of medium potential, namely Australia, Netherlands, Russia, and Sweden. It is important for the Indonesian government to further optimize countries with high gross travel propensity to increase tourist visits, while a good tourism product development strategy is carried out to keep tourists from staying longer and spending more money while in Indonesia. This study succeeded in describing the potential of the Indonesian tourism market based on four tourism indicators, namely the number of visits, length of stay, average tourist spending during their visit, as well as gross travel propensity.