Collision Avoidance System for Vehicles Using Microcontroller

  • Malay Karmakar Project Scholar, Dept. of ECE, IIT Kharagpur, India
Keywords: 89C51 Microcontroller, APR9600 Chip, Bistable Multivibrator, Comparator, Ripple Counter


In the past, man took days to travel from one place to another. As the years gone by man became more innovative, the discovery of wheel is the simple example. With this wheel he began to travel faster. If we look into modern days we will come to know that as the number of working persons are increasing day by day the number of vehicles are increasing in the same fashion. The number of accidents is occurring because of negligence and avoidance. Thus we have designed the system in such a fashion which will help us in overcoming those shorts of problem. Here we are making use of a transmitter which is a transduction element which emits pulses at a frequency of 40 kHz which is being sensed by the receiver and finally given to the microcontroller which will take the appropriate decision depending upon the obstacle. If the obstacle will approach from left side then it will inform the person to take right and if it is coming from right then it will tell the person to take left side. In this way we can avoid the number of accidents by giving appropriate information to the person sitting inside the vehicle.