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Effect of Various Treatments on Seed Germination and Seedling Vigour of Aonla cv. Chakaiya

Satnam Singh, Amarjeet Kaur


Background: Aonla is considered asone of the important indigenous minor fruit crop. Being rich in nutrients the demand of its planting material is increasing day by day which is not fulfilled due to poor seed germination and seedling growth.Therefore there is a dire necessity to standardize the techniques for improving germination and growth of seedlings.The aim of the current study is to overcome the dormancy and to enhance the germination in aonla seeds.
Methods: The present investigation was carried out during 2019-2020 under field conditions with the pre soaking application of the aonla seeds with thiourea, GA3, cow urine, sulphuric acid, water and seed stratification for time interval of 12 and 24 hours.In the laboratory the selected samples were analysed morphologically based on shoot, root and biomass traits.
Result: Out of the various treatments the application of GA3@ 500 ppm for 24 h have ensured early germination with an increase in seed germination. This treatment also improved the seedling growth with an increase in root formationand vigour index. This study will be useful in boosting the cultivation of aonla which will be beneficial for the growers on commercial basis.


Aonla Dormancy Germination GA3 Seedling vigour

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