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Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Yield and Yield Attributes and Quality Groundnut (G -7)

S. Naveen, N. Senthilkumar


Background: Groundnut is the premier oilseed crop of India and contributed nearly 40 per cent of the total oilseed production. But the average yield of the crop in India is as low as 900 kg ha-1. Among the several constraints, improper nutrient management is the reason for low productivity. It is necessary to provide edible oil to the growing population on the basis of minimum requirement of oils and fats, it should be 5.49 million tonnes, against the present production of only 2.9 million tonnes leaving a gap of 2.6 million tonnes. Peanut seed contains 25 to 30% digestible protein, 45 to 50% oil, 20% carbohydrate and 5% fibre and ash which make a substantial contribution to human nutrition .Groundnut being a legume oilseed crop, P, S and Ca requirement is quite high. Keeping the above facts in view, the present investigation is proposed to study the effect of INM on yield, uptake of nutrients and soil fertility status in groundnut crop.
Methods: A field experiment was conducted during February 2017 at Semmedu village, Panruti taluk, Cuddalore district to study the effect of integrated nutrients management on growth and yield of groundnut (G-7). The experimental design adopted in this study was randomized block deisgn with following thirteen treatments. Given suitable key words.
Result: The results of this experiment showed that combined application of 100% RDF + Basal application Rhizobium and Phosphobacteria @ 2 Kg ha-1 (T5) recorded highest growth and yield parameters viz., plant height (82.20 cm), leaf area index (2.76), dry matter production (5776.20 kg ha-1), number of pods plant-1(20.96), 100 kernel weight (49.76 g), shelling percentage (72.83), pod yield (2576.4 kg ha-1), haulm yield (3174.5 kg ha-1) and kernel yield (2044.46 kg ha-1), recorded with significantly higher values.


Growth and yield Rhizobium and Phosphobacteria 100% RDF

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