Study the hybrid PV/wind systems in Basrah city

Noor B Sakran, Salih I Najim


Renewable resources gained more attention in the last two decades due to persisting energy demand coupled with
decrease in fossil fuel resources and its environmental effect to the earth. In this work, two cases of hybrid system will
be studied. The first one dr. Jawad's home (Assistant professor in Electrical Engineering Department- University of
Basrah). It is located in Al-Jazeera area that adjacent to the coast of the Shatt al – Arab that is located about 34 km
south of the city center and its coordinates are (30.12° N, 47.49° E) latitude and longitude respectively. He used a
hybrid system consist of (PV panels-batteries and the wind power will be studied theoretically by suggests a 4.5kW)
wind turbine system) to feeding home's load. The second case study is the laboratories of the Department of
Electrical Engineering-University of Basrah.The Department located in Garmat Ali district (part of Al-Hartha area)
that is located in the north east of Basrah city and its coordinates are 30.582° N latitude and 47.76° E longitude. The
hybrid system that used in this department consists of (PV panels-batteries). Results showed from first case study that
the total power saving when using hybrid system resources in the house that consume 33.24 MWh/year about 31.3%
by providing 10.4 MWh/year. Through the study of the laboratories of the Department the results show that is
possible to operate many electrical appliances at the same time depending on the hybrid system such as fans, lighting,
and computers and it is noted that the air conditioners can be operated by using more and more solar cells and


PV, Wind energy, Battery, Power

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