Some Studies on the Design Analysis and Fabrication of Wheat Cutting Machine

Roshan Raman, Gaurav Sharma, Akshay Kumar, Manjeet Yadav


In this study, collecting of wheat utilizing crop shaper was evaluated. Results demonstrated that the field limit of yield
express was 2.44 occasions higher than the manual activity. The work prerequisite was 32.74 and 149.25 man-hr/ha
for harvest shaper and manual activity, individually. If there should arise an occurrence of wheat, the field limit of
product shaper was 2.23 occasions more noteworthy than manual reaping and work contribution was 23.20 and
115.74 man - hr/ha for yield shaper and manual task, separately. It is expected by the use of this harvesting machine
the farmers will be benefiting in terms of money as well as the physical task will be reduced significantly. Overall the
cost of this manufactured machine was approx. 6000 INR.


Wheat harvesting machine, shaper, cutter, harvesting.

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