The Effect of Heating Temperature on Static Hardness of Beech (Fagus Sylvatica L.) Wood

Arian Kapidani, Dritan Ajdinaj(Hajdini), Saimir Beqo


A study was carried out to evaluate the effects of heating treatment on static hardness of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)
wood of Albanian origin. The heat treatment was conducted at temperatures 180, 200 and 220°C for 2 hours, at
atmospheric pressure. Samples were produced from logs sapwood of origin from central Albania. Before treatment
the oven dried density was calculated. The weight loss after treatment resulted from the lowest to the highest
temperature respectively 3.57, 5.33 and 9.46%. It was noted a small decrease of hardness for temperatures up to
200°C, while for higher temperature the hardness decreased considerably, up to 20%. Decrease of hardness in
tangential section was lower than in radial one. From the perspective of utilisation it seems that Albanian beech
wood treated at temperatures up to 200°C presents a suitable choice for indoor and outdoor stairs, floor tiles and


wood, beech, heat, treatment, hardness

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