Dual Sprayer for Pesticides and Fertilizers

G. K. Harale, S. P. Matte, A. K. Gabhale, S. P. Dhavane


Day by day the population of India is rising. So it is important to fulfill the need of food, modernization of agricultural
sectors. Farmers in our country use fertilizers and pesticides on crops for removing weeds and other unwanted
vegetation, insecticides for controlling a wide variety of insects, preventing the spread of bacteria, and compounds
used to control mice and rats. Conventionally the spraying is done by farmers carrying backpack sprayer and
fertilizers are sprayed manually. It is very harmful to their health and can be dangerous. The efforts required are on
the higher side. Pesticide spraying machine is available in the market so there is no issue. But it is acquiring high cost
for buying two separate equipment’s for fertilizer and pesticide spraying which isn’t affordable to farmers. So by
taking into consideration the present problem faced by farmers we are coming up with the solution of “Dual Sprayer
for Pesticides and Fertilizers”. The aim of our project is to minimize the health issues of the farmer, to provide more
feasibility with minimum possible cost, to reduce the efforts of farmers of fertilizer spraying and provide both
fertilizer and pesticide sprayer in one setup.


Modernization, fertilizers, Pesticides, Health problems

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14741/ijcet/v.9.3.12


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