The Optimization of Silk Fabric Production Process

Asif Shahriar


Our sericulture sector is so degraded that today we are not concerned to this sector. So in order to know the condition
of sericulture, production process flow chart, annual production, comparison about production of our country and
other neighbouring countries a theses is important from where we also able to know about local production
condition, elaboration of several terms and definitions related to silk as well as the problems which are related to the
degradation of sericulture sector. The ways of minimizing production loss is also elaborated in these. Most of the
experiment and data are collected from Bangladesh sericulture Research and Training Institute, Rajshahi as well as
Sopura Silk Mills Ltd. Rajshahi and rest of them are collected from journal, book and internet. The conventional
system prior to this is to understand the root level of sericulture of Bangladesh. The outcome of the theses is that it
helps us to understand why our sericulture sector is so lack behind. It enriches our concern about silk production and
by this way our annual production will be increased and sericulture will be a profitable sector.


Silk Fabric etc.

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