Description of clinical forensic profile‘visum et repertum’ quality in Yogyakarta 2011-2016

Ida BagusGede Surya Putra Pidada, Martiana Suciningtyas Tri Artanti, Idha Arfianti Wiraagni, Dewanto Yusuf Priyambodo


Background. Clinical forensic medicine is the practice of assessing the living condition of someone, either as victims of an assault or the alleged perpetrator of the offense. This publication shows the profile of clinical forensic medicine quality were reported on Visum et Repertum in Yogyakarta.
Objective. The purpose of our study was to provide descriptive data on clinical forensic profile and Visum et Repertum quality in Yogyakarta 2011-2016.
Method. Retrospective data were collected on all clinical forensic victims of five Regional Public Hospital in Yogyakarta, for asix-year period. Visum et Repertum quality was assessed by Herkutanto’s scoring method.
Result. There were 2902 cases with male victims 50.7% and female 49.3%. Most cases were from Yogyakarta Regional Public Hospitals (72.6%). The most victims from18 to 30 years old (38.4%). The data from road traffic accidents (RTA), persecution, sexual violence, domestic violence, and poisoning cases were, 66.1%, 13.3%, 8.9%, 6.7%, and 5% respectively. The were no photo documentation in all hospitals. Blunt trauma was the highest number of trauma. While Almost hospitals have moderate quality in writing Visum et Repertum.
Conclusion. Women victims in four Regional Public Hospitals (Sleman, Wonosari, Bantul, and Wates) were higher than men. The largest age group of the victims was a group of 18 to 30 years old. The most cases happened was road traffic accidents (RTA). For the type of trauma, blunt trauma was the highest proportion of trauma. All clinical forensic cases obtained were no photo documentation. Overall, Visum et Repertum scores for clinical forensic cases throughout Regional Public Hospitals in Yogyakarta province were in moderate category (range 50% - 75%).


clinical forensic medicine;visum et repertum; Yogyakarta.

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