Suicide note in the ligature material- a case report

Mithun Ghosh, Bhim Singh


Suicide is a leading cause of death among young adults. About a million suicides occur annually throughout the world. A suicide note is often found at the scene. It has been reported that a note was left in 5%-43% of the suicides (1). The content of a suicide note includesapology, shame, guilt, love for those left behind and instruction regarding practical affairs (2). It is an important tool for medico-legal investigation on the manner and circumstances surrounding the death. The victim generally writes them on a paper, notebook, wall, or mirror by means of pen or marker (3). We present a case where asuicide note was recovered from the ligature itself. This method of keeping a suicide note in the ligature is unique and rarely found in the literature.


corporal punishment; physical punishment; schools.

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