Stability analysis of grain yield and its contributing traits in advanced mutant lines of sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench]

Anjaneya ., G. Girish, Ashok Badigannavar, S. Muniswamy, L. N. Yogeesh, S. K. Jayalaxmi, A. M. Talwar, Vikas Kulkarni, T. R. Ganapathi


In the present study, 23 sorghum genotypes comprising 17 advanced mutant lines (M5) and six check varieties were evaluated for stability parameters over four locations during rabi 2017-18. Based on the ten morphological and yield traits, pooled ANOVA showed significant differences for the quantitative traits except for seed yield per plant. Mean sum of squares due to E+ (GxE) was significant for most of the characters except for days to flowering, and 100 seed weight. Environment component showed significant values for all traits. The GxE (linear) showed non-significant interaction for most of the characters in this study except for plant height, panicle length and seed yield. J-12 and J-3 mutants had mean value more than population mean and coefficient of regression near to unity and adapted to all situations.



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