• Prashant chauhan student
Keywords: COVID-19, vaccine, protective measures, investigations.


COVID-19 also known as SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that attacks the respiratory system of a person. The first case in humans of this virus was reported in Wuhan city, China, in December 2019. It was believed that the virus came from the food market of the China. Also it was linked with the bats. A variety of studies are currently underway or are being carried out to better understand the cause of the outbreak in China , including human case investigations with an onset of symptoms in and around Wuhan in late 2019, Sampling  from markets and farms in areas where the first human cases have been reported and detailed records of the source and type of species of wildlife and agricultural animals sold on these markets. Vaccine have developed by few countries like Russia, United Kingdom, USA, India. But there are no claim of 100% result of it so we have to take all the protective measures to protect us from the COVID-19 and don’t trust the myths that are being spread everywhere out there.