• Payal kesharwani Rameesh institute of vocational and technical education
  • Rahul kaushik
  • Kanika Sharma
  • Kartik Khetrapal
  • Tanya Goyal


Background: Snow mountain garlic (SMG) is also known as Kashmiri garlic and ek pothi lahsun is herb which grows in high altitude and in low temperature conditions. It has shown beneficial effects in breathing discomforts like common cold, Asthma, flu also refines the blood circulation Various standardization parameters have been recorded in this study. Objectives: The present study focuses on standardization of SMG. Materials and Methods: The standardization parameter follow WHO Guidelines of herbal drugs. Standardization parameter like macroscopic characters, extractive value (hot extraction), ash value (total ash, acid insoluble ash and water-soluble ash), bitterness value, swelling Index, phytochemical screening have been studied. Results: The pharmacognostic studies shows that SMG is semi obtuse in shape and have pale brown outer covering and inner colour is white with little sticky latex. It has characteristic odour and slight astringent taste. The physiochemical analysis shows different extractive values in solvents, with maximum extractives obtained in hydro alcohol (45%). total ash value observed was 1.038%, acid insoluble ash 0%, water soluble ash 0.16%, bitterness value of 0.030mg/ml, swelling index of 1.06 and foaming index was found to be less than 100.  Conclusion: The Standardization of snow mountain garlic was performed and the data obtained can be further utilized for establishing the identity and purity of the drug.

Key Words: Snow mountain garlic, Kashmiri garlic, Standardization parameter, Physiochemical analysis, Phytochemical evaluation