The Coaching Behavior Scale for Sport (CBS-S): Factor structureexamination for elite Indian sportsperson

Tarun . Jain, Ritu . Sharma, Abha . Singh, Karuna . Mehta


The Coaching Behavior Scale for Sport (CBS-S) is designed to evaluate coach's involvement in developing sports person in multidimensional aspects of sports. Although CBS-S has been used in a number of empirical studies, the factor structure of the instrument has not been examined in Elite Indian context. Present study was, therefore,
conducted to assess the factor structure of the CBS-S for Indian Elite sports person, 76 Elite sports person completed
the CBS-S, CFA were done to assess the (CBS-S) for reliability and validity. Seven-factor CFA models fit to the
sample data adequately. In addition, the sizes of factor loadings on target factors were substantial .The findings from
this study supported the factorial validity of the CBS-S for the present sample and Personal Rapport (PS) and
Negative Personal Rapport (NPR) are found to be moderately significant. This suggest that the Elite Indian sports
person is relying more on the coach in relation to the Physical training, Technical skill, Goal setting, Mental
preparations and Competitive strategies rather than the two rapport subscales.


coaching effectiveness, factorial analysis, elite, sports performance, rapport

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