Psychological capital as moderator of stress and achievement

Priyanka . Gautam, Madhurima . Pradhan


Stress reactions occur when an environmental event taxes one's ability to cope. Several studies reveal that stress has a direct as well as interaction effect on academic achievement of students. Psychological capital is a resource for personal development with the features of self-reliance while dealing with the challenges (self-efficacy), positive expectations for the future success (optimism), being full of determination (hope), and accomplishment in spite of
obstacles (resilience) (Luthans and Youssef, 2004). The purpose of the present study to find out the moderating role of
Psychological Capital in the relationship between stress and academic achievement. A sample of 210 students (14-
18 years) was incidentally selected from Government schools in rural areas. Psychological capital scale was
developed by researcher. Stress was measured with the help of an inventory by (Tubesing and Tubesing, 1983) which
assesses symptoms of physical, emotional and mental stress. An average marks obtained by a student throughout
one academic session was used as a measure of academic achievement. Psychological capital was found to be
positively correlated with academic achievement and negatively correlated with stress. The results revealed that
Psychological capital moderate the relationship between stress and academic achievement. The study implies that
psychological capital enhances the capability of students helping them to improve their academic performance.


psychological capital, stress, achievement, adolescent students

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