Brief psycho-education for caregivers of persons with first episode psychosis

Praful Prabhuappa Kapse, Manisha Kiran


Caring for the persons with first episode psychosis is challenging and demanding.
It may lead to the increased burden, expressed emotions among the caregivers. The numerous studies have shown that high burden and negative
expressed emotions among caregivers can lead to early relapse in the patients with first episode psychosis. To
evaluate the effects of the brief psychoeducation on the caregivers burden and expressed emotions. A quasi
experimental - before and after with control group research design was adopted for the study. A total of 60 caregivers
have participated in the study, of which 30 caregivers in experimental group and 30 caregivers in the control group.
Family Burden Interview Schedule (Pai and Kapoor, 1981) and Attitude Questionnaire (Sethi et al., 1981) was used to
assess caregiver's burden and expressed emotions. At end of the psychoeducation intervention, burden among
caregivers and negative expressed emotions of the caregivers have significantly reduced. The positive expressed
emotions have been increased. Study results demonstrates the importance of psychoeducation intervention in
reducing the burden and negative expressed emotions.


brief psychoeducation, first episode psychosis, burden, expressed emotions

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