Decision making power of college girls in relation to clothing

Parul Gill, Poonam Malik, Pankaj Gill


The present study was undertaken to explore the decision making patterns of college girls in relation to clothing and their satisfaction level with these decision making patterns. Thirty under graduate college girls from Panipat city were approached to record their responses regarding decision making in relation to clothing and satisfaction level through a well structured questionnaire. It was found that most of the girls (56.66%) themselves made the decisions about the type of garment (Indian, western or both) they wear and majority of girls (70%) were highly satisfied with
this decision making. Parents performed the role of buyers for their college going daughters' garments in most of the
cases (63.33%) and the 73.33% girls had high level of satisfaction with this. In most of the cases (60%) the decision
about the garment design was made by the girls themselves and they were highly satisfied with it.
Keywords: clothing, college, girls, decision making.


clothing, college, girls, decision making

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