Subjective construal of happiness among urban educated Bengali youth: A preliminary study using grounded theory approach

Soma Pramanik, Deepshikha Ray


A quick glance at the vast number of contemporary researches on happiness brings out terms like subjective wellbeing,satisfaction with life, contentment. Few researchers, in the current decade, however, have followed the
qualitative paradigm, with the aim to “discover” the idea of and beliefs regarding happiness, as they occur in the
society. The current research was a similar attempt, intended to extract the de-facto ideas that four contemporary
young, urban, Bengali individuals, residing in Kolkata had regarding happiness. Sample constituted two males and
two females; constructivist grounded theory was the method that was used. Analysis revealed conception of
happiness to be intrinsic, which was expressed in terms of peace and contentment, and associated with compassion,
forgiveness and “letting go”. Activities such as pursuing one's hobbies, participating in adventurous activities,
focussing on one's goals and distraction were enumerated as ways and means that led to happiness. A harmonious
relationship with individuals close to the participants was mentioned as a significant factor behind happiness.
Keywords: happiness, qualitative, grounded theory


happiness, qualitative, grounded theory

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