Positive energy circulation and stress free living through application of vastu principles

Neetima Batra, Veena Sangwan, Manju Mehta


If the structure is so designed that the positive forces override that the negative forces then there is beneficial release of bio energy which helps all the inmates to be healthy. If I put Vastu in simple words “it is the traditional Indian way how people should live in house or work at their workplace as yoga is for health.” Every women workplace is started with her house and concludes her day in her house. The prior concern is her well-being's. Vastu is a hot topic of discussion these days on all the channels on T.V, internet etc. and other mass media approaches. Present study is
planned to know about the knowledge of some aspects of Vastu Shastra principles and its extent of application in
newly constructed houses of Hisar district. 200 homemakers were selected purposively, majority were found young
60.0% and working45.0%. Around 50 percent were having > 350 square feet house. Some miscellaneous aspects of
vastu were choose to study and found that was found Usually people were interesting in application of certain
aspects such as down ward slope of house should be in E and N side, rectangular house is good for living, Gomukhi
house is not good for residence purpose, underground water tank should be in North East direction, no tall trees
should be in North and East side and so on. Interestingly they have applied these principles on priority basis. Along
with these aspects more than 90 percent of the respondents were found feeling highly satisfied by making water tank
in North-East and trees in South and west side. By making central space open, eighty five percent respondents were
found highly satisfied as it is the place where all energies can accumulate to make house pure, divine and peaceful.


vaastu shastra, north east, south east, north west, south west, gomukhi

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15614/ijpp.v9i01.11748


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